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A Financial Friend in a Poor Economy

While politicians love to talk about unemployment figures, foreclosure percentages and economic forecasts, the fact of the matter is that claptrap doesn't mean a whole lot to the real people in this country; the people who work hard every day, hoping they'll be among the lucky ones who manage to keep their paycheck-to-paycheck existences intact until the recession finally blows over; the people who live with the fear of encountering just one financial crisis, knowing one more straw would be enough to demolish their already fragile budgets and leave them unable to support their families. These people don't need to hear figures, statistics and hollow promises. They need a friend on their side. They need to know if they ever run into trouble, they can count on that source to bail them out quickly and effortlessly. With a friend like that, they'd no longer have to live with fear--and then they could face each day with ambition and confidence, thus increasing their odds of survival. If you need help, consider using our free service.

The Benefits of Friendship

Whether you have bad credit or no credit at all, we can set you up with cash faster than you might even imagine--usually within 24 hours. We understand the urgency that comes along with financial problems today, just as we understand the serious ramifications that arise from missing just one payment. Should you run into a last-minute crisis that can't wait until payday, contacting your ally is as easy as filling out the simple, brief online application. Once we receive your request through our encrypted, secure website, one of our qualified loan professionals will immediately get to work on processing your loan. Because there are no credit checks, no collateral requirements and no papers to fax back and forth, your money will be electronically transferred into your bank account in a matter of hours. At that point you can spend it online or in person using your debit card, or withdraw it from your bank or any ATM.

The process couldn't be faster, easier or more hassle-free. The same can be said for repaying the loan. When your next paycheck arrives, we'll automatically deduct the amount you owe right out of your bank account. No due date to remember, no check to write and no trip to the post office. Again, you don't even have to leave your chair. We challenge you to find another friend--or another type of lender, for that matter--who's willing to make such an effort to get you the money you need with that kind of speed. And without so much as asking you to move a muscle.

The Cost of Doing Business

In spite what you might have heard about the cost of short-term borrowing, you may be surprised by our low service fee. In fact, considering the money you'll save on late fees, overdraft charges or utility reconnection expenses, there's a pretty good chance you'll come out ahead. And your credit report will be no worse for the wear, either.

Get Started Today

With easy approval, a hassle-free approval process and a blurringly fast turnaround, we are a valuable ally to have on your side in case a budgetary mishap threatens to turn into a financial disaster. You can make it through the recession unscathed ... as long as you protect yourself with short-term borrowing solutions.

People need a friend on their side who can help bail them out of unexpected financial crises. Offering fast, easy and convenient cash advances with no credit checks, EZ Payday Today is that friend.